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Josefin Svensson, COO

Bonnie Roupé, Founder & CEO

Founder’s story

Bonnie Roupe, the CEO & Founder of Bonzun IVF, was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia during her second pregnancy. A complication that nearly killed her. She had no idea she and her child was in danger, since she didn’t understand her symptoms of pre-eclampsia. After being diagnosed in 2011, she realized there was a huge gap between existing evidence based knowledge and easy accessible information available to the public. Even though she was living in Stockholm, with the best maternal care in the world. She believed her experience as a system architect, journalist and entrepreneur could help her build a solution. Therefore, she decided to develop a virtual midwife and moved to Shanghai and launched it in China 2015 with great success. It made her realise the true power of digital tools to improve women’s health. The virtual midwife is free and until today, it helped 2 million women and counting.

When moving back to Stockholm, she had learned about the high-risk pregnancies and how many women suffer through miscarriages and infertility issues. This knowledge, together with a strong urge to help women during difficult times became the foundation of Bonzun IVF app – the world’s first personalized IVF app. Read the whole Bonzun story here.

Bonzun IVF App

Bonzun IVF is specifically developed to increase the chance of having a baby with functions that will improve the IVF process, such as a medication feature to make sure you never miss an important dose as well as functions that will reduced stress. Bonzun IVF is CE-marked in accordance with European standards for medical devices and all content is medically reviewed by IVF physicians, researchers, psychologists and fertility experts. The app will guide you through your unique IVF treatment every step of the way and help you to gain more knowledge on how to perform your IVF treatment.

App Features
  • Medication feature with a mini calendar and reminders so you never miss a dose
  • Personalised IVF treatment support, individually adapted according to your own unique situation through treatment protocol with over 200 million variations to guide you through all stages of treatment (i.e down regulation, ovarian stimulation, trigger shot, ultrasound, egg retrieval, sperm sampling, process of fertilisation, ICSI, embryo selection, frozen embryo transfer, as well as different treatment protocols)
  • Common symptoms and discomforts during IVF treatment, Bonzun contains medical information that will reduce stress for IVF patients as well as support IVF clinics. All content is medically reviewed.
  • Common questions and answers, we have collected the most common questions that IVF patients ask and collected them in a large database accessible to Bonzun IVF app users
  • Psychological and emotional support, together with experts of mental stress during infertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures we have specific features and content that will increase your wellbeing and have a positive effect on your mental health during the treatment
  • Treatment cycle managed & Profile section – Your treatment cycles are neatly managed and if you are starting a new treatment, all your previous treatments data are stored and easily accessible
  • Articles about infertility and fertility and relevant information about assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures
  • Two apps for the price of one! At no extra cost, you can share your IVF app with a friend or loved one by adding them as a follower inside

Our mission

Bonzun IVF is here to support women struggling to become mothers. Bonzun is a femtech company founded by a Swedish mom, Bonnie Roupé. In February 2020, Bonzun IVF app was live on AppStore & Google Play, and within months, it was loved and used by women, as well as their loved ones, in more than 95 countries world wide. Bonzun IVF is developed by Bonzun in close cooperation with Merck Fertility Technologies in Sweden. Our mission is to provide factually based and validated information to women and especially mothers so that they can make better decisions. Bonzun is an award winning fem tech company that built the first symptom checker for pregnant women in the world, a virtual midwife that is recommended by both UNICEF and WHO. Bonzun’s founder, Bonnie Roupé, developed Bonzun Pregnancy after suffering from pre-eclampsia during her second pregnancy. All content in Bonzun’s applications and websites is protected under international copyright laws. All copying and or distribution of content without permission is prohibited. BONZUN © is a registered trademark of Bonzun Health Information AB.

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