The first step before IVF

-The Fertility Evaluation-

A fertility evaluation forms the basis for an upcoming IVF treatment. In this article we’ve gathered everything you need to know when you want to do a fertility evaluation.

Why you need to do a fertility evaluation

A fertility evaluation is done to find an explanation for why you cannot get pregnant. Prior to an IVF treatment, you will have undergone a fertility evaluation which also forms the basis for discussing which treatment options are best suited for you. If you are in a heterosexual relationship and are planning to undergo IVF then both you and your partner will go through an evaluation.

When it’s advisable to do a fertility evaluation

The time to do a fertility evaluation varies depending on a number of factors. The general recommendation is to do a fertility evaluation if you have not conceived after one year of trying, if you are in a heterosexual relationship. There are exceptions to this, for instance, if:

  • You are older than 35
  • You have any other reason to believe it will be difficult to conceive
Where you can do a fertility evaluation

Your regular gynecologist or general practitioner may do some basic testing and an initial assessment. After this you are usually referred to a reproductive endocrinologist, that is, a doctor that specializes in fertility at the fertility clinic where you plan to do your IVF treatment.

How long it takes to do an evaluation

A fertility evaluation usually takes about 1 – 2 months and includes about 2-3 visits to the fertility clinic.

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