What is IVF?

-How an IVF treatment works-

If you have tried but haven’t become pregnant on your own, some help may be needed along the way. Here’s how an IVF treatment works!

IVF – In vitro fertilization

IVF is also called test tube fertilization and involves retrieving eggs from the woman which are then combined with sperm and fertilized outside the body.

Fertility evaluation

Before you can do an IVF treatment, you need to do a fertility evaluation. It is usually done at the clinic where you will undergo IVF treatment, but your regular gynecologist or general practitioner can also do some of the testing. The type of IVF procedure and drug treatment that is best suited for you is then determined based on the results of the fertility evaluation.


You are given medication to stimulate hormones in your body which cause your ovarian follicles to grow.

Egg retrieval

If the body responds as expected to the medication, an egg retrieval can be carried out in a procedure where eggs are removed.

Eggs and sperm are brought together in the laboratory

The eggs are then combined with sperm in a laboratory. If an egg is fertilized with a sperm, a fertilized egg (embryo) is formed.

Embryo transfer

The embryos then need to be cultured for a few days. Then the best candidate is selected and returned to the woman’s uterus through an “embryo transfer,” abbreviated “ET.”

Pregnancy test and ultrasound

If everything goes as expected, the embryo attaches in the uterus and develops into a fetus. This is confirmed by taking a pregnancy test and visiting the clinic for an ultrasound scan. If the embryo transfer is successful, a “normal pregnancy” follows.

All bodies are different

We all have different bodies and prerequisites, therefore an IVF treatment will vary from individual to individual.

When you start your treatment with Bonzun IVF you will receive information based on your personal situation in the process. It is not uncommon for an IVF treatment to fail on the first attempt and multiple treatments may be required to become pregnant.

The likelihood of becoming pregnant through IVF increases with each attempt.

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